Anonymous: We broke up months ago but sometimes we act like a couple and its great and perfect but sometimes we argue and it breaks my heart. What do I do? 

Like I sad previously. I don’t believe in getting back with exes because there’s a reason it ended in the first place.

Anonymous: There is a boy from my school and he will not leave me alone, im no good at being mean becuase he is known to be sad, but he says to me if i stop talking to him he thinks he will kill himself and i am so afraid of not anwsering him but i really dont like him and he does not leave me alone , do you have any advice because i dont know what to do, oh and i love your blog! 

Honestly that is a really shitty thing for him to do because I had a guy so that to me and you should never put that kind of pressure on another person and you should just be honest with him, and know that is a really awful method of controlling someone and no matter what he does its not your fault but his.

I seriously just wanna like trade bodies with someone for a day just just to see what would be different and stuff i dunno